Biometric Attendance System

Breakthru Solutions offers a complete range of attendance management and payroll processing for any companies ranging from small, medium and large companies. By enabling remote staff attendance management services, one can focus on more important aspects of doing business.

This service is built with a purpose to reduce the pain of HR or administration team and to generate attendance data of the employees at the end of the month for payroll distribution.

The principle used here is, ’employee’. Through his/her secured log in on the biometric device, it will help generate a clean data at the end of the month for payroll.


RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The offered product finds application in universities, colleges and large corporates. The main objective of the system is to reduce the time taken in manual recording of attendance. The existing method is time consuming and involves manpower. Thus, we present to you an RFID based attendance management system that is systematic and efficient. It efficiently records time and attendance.

The system has a microcontroller which stores the attendance of the respective person in the microcontroller memory. Each student or employee is given an RFID card. Typically an RFID reader is placed at the entrance of an organisation. In order to register the entry and exit time, the reader has to place the card on the reader and the system will automatically note the time.

  • Convenience to employees and office administration
  • Easy and flexible reports
  • No manpower involved
  • Error free recording of attendance
  • Easy to log in and log out
  • Fast employee data recording and processing
  • Manages time attendance, shifts, leaves and overtime
Rfid based access control system dealer in Bangalore
Rfid based access control system dealer in Bangalore

Biometric Access Control System

A biometric system is a type of employee time management system as it recognizes unique physiological characteristics of a person. A biometric system has a unique hand, face, fingerprint or iris sensor. The biometric attendance management system we offer is the finger print recognition system. By placing the fingerprint on the scanner, the time clock terminal reads the fingerprint and clocks the log in or log out time.

The advantage of using this system is that no other person can clock in as another. The device has a low false acceptance and false rejection rates. The device is apt to be used in high security areas.

  • Easy, convenient and systematic.
  • No other person can log in for the other.
  • Unique physiological characteristics recognition sensor.
  • Accurately clocks the login/log out time.

Time & Attendance Software

Time & attendance management software is ideal to manage employee attendance, employee leaves and shift timings. It is time tested and proven. It has the capacity and features to support any kind of organisation regardless of size and type. The software offered by us is developed by experts after plenty of research. The TIMEMAN Attendance software is compatible with all the leading attendance/access recording machines available in the market. Along with the software, we also offer attendance management hardware.

This versatile software offers a wide range of management and will accommodate your overtime, shift, holiday and worked hours.

The TIMEMAN attendance software is available in standard edition and enterprise edition.

Standard Edition:

It is a window based application and has all the standard features of time attendance software like employee roster, shift roster, leave management, on duty, holiday and over time management and an exhaustive set of reports which will help the organization keep track of their employee’s attendance and access information.

Enterprise Edition:

It is designed to automate employee time and attendance tracking for medium to large businesses. TimeTrack provides facilities to send different type of email alerts to management as well as employees, payroll integration and SAP integration. It is a web based application which includes additional features which are as follows:

  • Automatic downloading of data through services.
  • E-mail options for different reports.
  • Login id based menu control.
  • Hierarchy based report viewing.
  • Import / Export Employee details from/to Excel.
  • Leave management as inbuilt module as well as a separate portal based solution.
  • Automatic configuration of shift roster.
  • Announcement feature for employee portal.
Biometric time attendance security software system