CCTV Surveillance

How secure is an organization depends on whom you trust to guard it. Video surveillance has become an integral part of any organization’s security strategy. Major hindrance of existing surveillance is the cost involved in setting up a dedicated analog cable along with centralized management and monitoring of multiple branches of an organization.We present a scalable IP video surveillance solution for centralized surveillance management, solution includes feature rich Centralized Management Software, NVR Client and Mobile Viewer.It significantly improves security, productivity and discipline of any organization. The CCTV surveillance systems offered by us comprises of the following components.

End-to-end security for a smarter, safer world

Secure and improve your business with an end-to-end solution. We provide a complete range of solutions, whether you need a smart system for basic surveillance or a more advanced system for security on a larger scale.

All of our systems are easy to install, and everything is designed with open IP standards that easily connect with your existing IT infrastructure.

Our solutions adapt to your changing needs – so, you can start out with a basic system and add new possibilities when you want them.

Take security to the next level

Keep your large or complex site safe with an advanced security and surveillance solution based on open IP products. Combine them with hardware and software from our wide range of partners to create a customized or specialized solution that meets your business and operational needs – whether it is for a Solar Parks , Airport, City surveillance, or any other complex installation.

Will it work for you?

Yes. All of our solutions are designed with open IP standards that mean they can easily connect with your existing IT equipment. They’re flexible and scalable, and will work out of the box with your network, routers, screens, computers, tablets and smartphones.

CCTV camera surveillance monitoring solution

High-performance surveillance and protection

To ensure continuous operation and optimal protection of e.g. power plants, airports, water utilities and high-risk manufacturing plants. Thermal cameras, low-light cameras, PTZ cameras and a high-end video management system integrate with existing security and access control system to become a vital part of your incident management system. The cameras utilize advanced software to detect and alert for intruders and potential threats, and the system allows for instant sharing of live and recorded video with police and other pre-defined users.

Basic surveillance and detection

A cost-efficient solution for applications like gated communities, small industries and small businesses with the purpose to deter from petty theft and damage of property. Thermal cameras along the perimeter automatically detect and alert for intruders, and relevant action is taken based on the scene provided by the cameras.

Dome Camera

As the name implies, it is a dome shaped camera that is placed in hotels, restaurants, casinos and retail stores. It blends very well with the surroundings. Because of its shape it is very difficult to judge the direction in which the lens of the camera is aiming. The different kinds of dome cameras are indoor, outdoor, infrared and vandal proof.

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IR security cctv surveillance bullet camera installation service

IR Bullet Cameras

The infrared (IR) bullet cameras are another popular type of camera used in CCTVs. The IR bullet cameras offered by us are weatherproof and hence can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

Analog Cameras

Analog cameras are used in traditional CCTV cameras. The camera transmits signals via a coaxial cable to a single central location for monitoring, recording and video analysis.

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CCTV security video surveillance recorder device

Digital Video Recorder

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) offered by us captures high quality images while conserving storage and network resources. It takes up less hard drive space and also has a real time playback feature. The video once recorded can be viewed live via the internet or smartphone app.

IP Cameras

The IP based CCTV cameras are attached with high power mega pixel sensors. IP cameras are quite useful for home owners and businesses to view their cameras through internet connection available through Personal computer or 3G Cell Phones.

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CCTV camera video surveillance system recorder device


NVR stands for Network Video Recorders. As the name implies, it is a network of video recorders. The function is same as a DVR. It helps in recording, managing, storing and viewing surveillance videos. The NVR are preferred for CCTVs that use IP cameras.


Customers have an option to choose from different CCTV accessories. We offer box camera housing, dome housing, dome mounts, box camera mounts, memory card, injector accessories, UTP video cameras, monitor stands and so on.

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Our technological experts have developed special CCTV software that let you monitor the security of your home or office easily. The software allows you to monitor multiple sources of video on a computer. CCTV software is invaluable to a CCTV surveillance system. The viewing software also allows you to take screenshots from the recorded video.