Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system includes a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire or other emergencies are present.

Today safety is the primary concern of every person in the world. Keeping in mind the safety, our company undertakes various safety products

We can provide you the best solution according to your requirement and your budget in a professional way.

The company must have the support service to ensure compliance with requirements both during installation and for ongoing maintenance.

To maintain an appropriate fire alarm and protection system, whatever your particular requirement, be it a simple conventional system or a complex analogue addressable system, it is important to choose a company who understands the requirements and has the technical ability and resources to undertake the project.

Smoke Detection

Our smoke detector alarm systems are configured by our experts and are extremely reliable. The device senses smoke. Usually smoke is an early indicator that a fire is going to occur. Early fire detection is vital to the safety of the people in any establishment. Proper testing, inspection and maintenance of smoke detectors can help save lives and property.

The offered smoke detectors help in quick dousing and speedy evacuation through the best escape route. The software and design make it an intelligent fire and smoke detection system. In the event of a smoke, the red LED light comes up and an alarm rings.

Reliable fire alarm system
Senor detects smoke immediately
Saves life and property
The alarm system helps in speedy evacuation

Smoke detector sensor dealer in Bangalore
Fire safety heat detector sensor device supplier in Bangalore

Heat Detection

A heat detector is a fire alarm device designed to respond when the convicted thermal energy of a fire increases the temperature of a heat sensitive element. The intelligent heat detectors offered by us are a highly cost-effective solution to protect property. The fixed heat detectors are ideal when temperature increases rapidly by a fire emergency.

When the heat in a room increases, the heat detector communicates an alarm to the central control panel. Early indication of a fire gives the people extra time to evacuate from the building.

Speedy notification in case of fire
Independent fire warning systems
Portable and easy to install
Reliable and excellent in performance