Solar Power Plants CCTV Security Surveillance System

We provide 360 degree advanced CCTV Surveillance system for huge solar power plants. Breakthru Solutions is the industry leader and successfully delivered installed 20+ projects all across India

Integrated Security Surveillance Solution for Solar Power Generation Plants

Power generation  companies face fire and security challenges in their solar park, peripheries and control rooms etc. To check on  increasing incidents of pilferage, vandalism and fire , deviations from standard protocols and productivity .

Our security systems are designed to complement the manpower security and/ or function independently. The  CCTV cameras  assist in surveillance and movement control even in rough weathers and odd hours. All the systems offered are future proof, capable of expanding and upgrading from time to time without costing a fortune.
Integrated security surveillance solution include cameras, recorders and video surveillance’s . Our  experienced technical team designs the optimal distribution of the camera radius  to ensure coverage of the entire periphery or Control rooms ,entry /.exits  at the lowest possible cost. The solutions included  is PTZ Cameras to ensure visibility under any conditions, each with the appropriate radius  for the target distance to be monitored. In addition to PTZ cameras , dome cameras, high-resolution bullet cameras, all equipped with IP technology is installed .

This is  enhanced by a NVR, for video recording, as well as its video surveillance applications, which will provide the comprehensive security and video surveillance required by the facility.

We are  fully committed to solving the needs of each of the  projects ,be it Solar Parks ,Control rooms ,Power Grids  .Once the system Installation is completed , on-site training  and configuration services, leaving the system perfectly ready for operation and the settings in place to achieve maximum performance.

Combining these cameras with high-resolution PTZ dome and bullet cameras is ideal to identify suspicious individuals, and provides a completely efficient solution to detect and combat intruders.

The system is scalable, so more PTZ cameras can be installed in the future to cover the entire plant, with the option of automatic PTZ pre-positioning. Another advantage is to integrate management and monitoring of several solar plants in a single remote Control Center using the same applications, if a suitable network is available.

The security Challenges in Solar Power Plants

Traditionally posting guards & traditional methods of securing the periphery have failed in a large number of cases & proved to be very expensive along with vulnerability. Without technology & immediate responsive communication there is no comprehensive protection to large boundary areas and the solar plants have high cost solar panels installed and securing them , local threats from activities surrounding the property, Size of the plant & difficulties faced to monitor it effectively, traditional security guards   operational & maintenance cost factors & the importance of the power plant in terms of the production of power are definitely a must to analyze.

Solution by Breakthru Solutions

Here we offered fully integrated security and safety solution, capable to remotely detect on-ground incidence on real-time basis by CCTV video surveillance and overseeing assets in addition to detecting criminality, as well as ideally capturing video evidence of sufficient quality to allow identification.

This solution was enabled by video management software  enabled by remotely monitoring  and  restrict the intruders. Its difficult to completely maintain  on manpower security alone  .Our  electronic surveillance and video analytic increased their efficiency of on-site guarding and significantly decreased trespassing deviations, its assets  from theft and significantly decreased trespassing deviations from standard protocols and productivity.

While traditionally various standalone electronic security devices have been available in the market, the requirement today is to look at Security & Surveillance in a holistic manner and hence the need for “Integrated Security & Surveillance Systems”.

Apx. 200+  PTZ cameras were deployed by us in various corporate and  solar energy parks ,Sub stations ,control rooms etc  in  Pan India  . With the ever increasing threats for safety , the need for comprehensive security solutions is being felt not only by government but also by all business enterprises .

Correct operation of all the systems installed in the facility was verified by an on-site acceptance test and training was provided for operators .


Successfully  completed CCTV surveillance & Fire Alarm & Safety projects  for Solar Power generation parks  ( Pan India) in West ,East ,North & South Zones  (Completed more than 50+ CCTV & Fire Alarm projects  past 10+ years) .

These Installations are upto 250MW solar plant projects  across 1000 Acers lands, to cover Periphery, Entry& exit , Control Room, power grid etc

Installation of Fire Alarm system for Control Rooms, and Substation. These are installed in conditions  like 45 to 50 degree temperatures and heavy dust accumulations situation with our highly skilled team and all supplied materials working in good conditions. We have been awarded in recognition of our contribution in achieving the safety milestone of 1.35 million safe Manhours without lost time injury at 100MW solar park project Ananthapur .A. P

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